Seasonal Food July 2017

Focus on Grapefruit

My husband picked the first grapefruit of the season from our tree this morning.

Seasonal Food in July

Grapefruit is cooling in nature. The healing benefits of grapefruit include reducing fever, creating body fluids, eliminating toxins, and easing indigestion and burping. Here are some ways to use grapefruit to heal yourself:

  • Eat raw grapefruit flesh to reduce restlessness, thirst and to treat a hangover.
  • Add some grapefruit peel with honey to hot water and drink if you have phlegm.
  • Whole grapefruit simmered with honey or sugar can ease nausea, vomiting, stomach aches and diarrhoea.

If you don’t have your own grapefruit tree and you wish to eat the peel, make sure you only buy organic.

References: Chinese Nutrition Therapy by Joerg Kastner; Food for the Seasons by Professor sun Wong and Kath Knapsey.