Nabe hotpot

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During my recent trip to Japan, I enjoyed eating Nabe hotpot on several occasions. Nabe is a one pot meal, where the ingredients are cooked in a liquid or stock, at the table. You cook the ingredients in batches, as you feel like it. Its a great way to avoid waste, as you only cook as much as you need.

When I returned home to Melbourne, I started making my own nabe and have included my recipe below. Its by no means instructive, just a method really, to help you construct your own yummy hotpot creation. You can play around with the ingredients and amounts, as you like. A mixture of Japanese and Korean ingredients, this is a rich and satisfying hotpot, great for solo eating or entertaining.

Enjoy xx


Nabe hotpot

Serves 1

1.25 cups of dashi stock*/water/soymilk
2 tablespoons of miso*
1 tablespoon of Korean red bean paste (chilli), optional
150 grams of mushrooms, such as shiitake, enoki, or oyster
150 grams spinach leaves
3-4 Ganmondoki, dumplings or large chunks of soft to medium tofu
seasoning: sesame oil, tamari, roasted sesame seeds, nori.

You can cook this dish on your kitchen stove, or on a small portable stove on your dining table.

Heat the dashi and add the miso and red bean paste and bring to the boil. Add the ganmondoki/dumplings/tofu and mushrooms and simmer for around 5 minutes. Add the spinach leaves during the last minute. Season with a dash of sesame oil and tamari to taste. Place in a bowl and top with sesame seeds and shredded nori.


  1. As a general rule, consume the darker and longer fermented miso in colder climates; the red and moderately fermented all year round or in moderate climates; and the lighter and less fermented in warmer climates.
  2. For my vegan dashi stock recipe, click here.